The Rugby Football League is to be congratulated on establishing a Southern Competition Management Group, to help steer the structures of the game in the region which spreads from the Midlands downwards, and includes East Anglia, London and the South East, the West Country, and the South West.

All Golds’ club director, Martin Lovegrove, has been appointed to sit on this board, “It is an honour to be able to contribute in taking the game forward in this region.It is vital for the development of the sport that there are strong regional leagues, which in turn feed into a competitive Southern Conference League.”

He also added “In an ideal world there would be a proper national pyramid for clubs to progress up if they so wished, although this may take a little longer.”

Whereas initially the board will focus on the upcoming Southern Conference League season, it is anticipated that the wider remit to include the four regional leagues will happen early next year, with additional members added accordingly.

Martin continued, “I expect that this group can help strengthen structures across the region not just in the men’s game, but also in that of the women, boys and girls.There needs to be a co-ordinated approach to nationwide development.”

The board will initially consist of Fred Baker (Chair), David Raybould (RFL), Sean Mills (RFL), Steve Guan (RFL), Adam Naylor (North Herts Crusaders), Rob Ashton (Bedford Tigers), Pete Le Marquand (Eastern Rhinos), and Martin Lovegrove (Bristol All Golds).