Monday, 15th of February marks the 113th anniversary of the deciding test of the first ever international series in Rugby League. The game was played in Cheltenham in 1908 between England (Northern Union) and the New Zealand All Golds.

It seems fitting that as the South of England based All Golds Rugby League Club, who took their name from these early International pioneers are enjoying a period of dynamic expansion and development that the game should celebrate International Rugby League’s birth thanks to the original All Golds in Rugby League World Cup Year.

Rugby à Treize
In a bit of International Rugby League synchronicity the anniversary marks 100+13 years since this original International series and is in the same year that the 13-a-side code has its largest and most ambitious World Cup to date.

We hope Rugby League supporters everywhere will raise a glass to those early Rugby League pioneers.

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The All Golds Rugby League Club is building a fantastic infrastructure and team base, with open age side based in Gloucester and Bristol, as well as the launch of the Golden Ferns, the All Golds women’s team which will also be based in Bristol.

Underpinning this expansion and development is the relationship with South Gloucestershire and Stroud College and the launch of the SGS Bristol Rugby League Academy

The All Golds see the relationship with SGS College as the key to developing the game of Rugby League in the South West of England and building on their professed aim of Primary to Professional.

We urge all aspiring Rugby players to sign up to the SGS Rugby League Academy and give themselves the best possible chance of developing as a player.