All Golds Rugby League visit Toulouse Olympique

Last September, All Golds and Toulouse Olympique XIII announced an unprecedented partnership. This agreement was born from a common objective: to participate together in the development of rugby league and to stimulate a positive dynamic on and off the pitch.

The ambition of the two clubs is to set up bridges not only sporting, with facilities for English players to come and play in France and vice versa, the organization of friendly confrontations, and the exchange of knowledge and practices, but also economic between 2 large cities very dynamic with the common point of the aeronautics industry.

A few weeks ago, Simon MARTIN (Head of development) and Jay WOODLEY (Development Officer) made the trip to Toulouse to meet and exchange with the various actors working on developing Toulouse Olympique XIII.

It was fantastic to exchange with the staff and players of Toulouse Olympique, this meeting allows the two clubs to cement our partnership and contribute to the development of rugby league in our cities and regions. Our visit allowed us to learn more about the club’s work with the players, from their beginnings at the rugby school to the professionals, including the training center. I would like to thank Cédric GARCIA and the whole TO team for having received us. We wish them all the best for the rest of the season and look forward to continuing to work together. 

Simon MARTIN, Head of Development – All Golds.

It was a real pleasure to welcome Simon and Jay here in Toulouse. This is a new step in our partnership that offers many prospects on the sporting level of course, but also economic between 2 large cities very dynamic with the aeronautics industry as a common point. Many ideas were born during this visit and we will continue our exchanges to develop the collaboration between our 2 clubs. I hope that their season will start on a high note and that we will meet again very soon.

Cédric GARCIA, CEO – Toulouse Olympique XIII




Tuesday, March 15th

Their stay began with a visit to the Ernest-Wallon stadium and the TO offices, where they were able to meet the club’s administrative teams and discuss commercial and marketing issues, where everyone could share their vision, strategy or knowledge.

The afternoon continued at the Lautrec sports complex where the offices of the Toulouse Olympique XIII association are located and where the training sessions of the rugby school and youth categories take place. Stéphanie LUTHIER (Head of the TO XIII Rugby School), Sébastien RAGUIN (Coach of the TO XIII reserve team), Rémi DUFOUR (President of the TO Elite 1), and Nicolas BLANC (Administrative Director of the TO XIII association) were here to present their operation and answer their questions. At the end of the day, they were also able to attend the training of the TO reserve team.

It was a pleasure to welcome Simon and Jay from the All Golds here in Toulouse. We were able to discuss the challenges of developing the practice of rugby league. We compared the different actions implemented in their environment and ours. We have a lot in common and share a similar vision of rugby league. Simon and Jay were also able to observe the technical tactical aspect through the training of the different categories of the club. It was an enriching exchange and we hope to be able to forge even stronger ties with the All Golds in the coming seasons!

Nicolas BLANC, administrative director of the TO XIII association.


Simon MARTIN and Jay WOODLEY (left), with administrative director of the TO XIII association Nicolas BLANC

Simon MARTIN (left) and Jay WOODLEY (centre), with the reserve team’s coach Sébastien RAGUIN


Wednesday, March 16th

The next day was spent with the professional team, Toulouse Olympique. Simon and Jay went to the Arnauné stadium, where head coach Sylvain HOULES introduced them to the club’s sports staff, who were able to share with them the backstage of a training and sports management of the group.

Simon MARTIN (left) and Jay WOODLEY (right), with captain Tony GIGOT


Thursday, March 17th

To close this rich program, the representatives of the All Golds followed the training of the training center at the Arnauné stadium, then met representatives of the Haute-Garonne Rugby League Committee (including Michel CLAUZIER and André JANZAC) and the women’s categories in the company of Pascal LAROCHE (Head of Performance and Competition Of the TO XIII Association).

Simon MARTIN during training at the TO Training Centre